Why Is A 404 Error Page So Important And what Makes A Stellar Error Page?

This is something that not a lot of website designers or owners pay attention to. This is a big mistake because a well-designed 404 Error page can make the difference between a visitor clicking away from your site and losing you potential sales or readership, and the visitor staying on your page to purchase something or give you his/her e-mail to add to your marketing list.

Whether you use a content management service like WordPress to design your website, or it is based on a HTML/CSS template, it is inevitable that end users will sometimes run into errors when clicking through your web pages. This can be on the part of the designer or the end-user. People often add an unintentional extension to a web address which may lead them to encounter a 404 error page.

The primary aim of a 404 error page is to ensure a visitor to your website continues to browse it in spite of the error. A stellar 404 error page retains any visitors to your website and makes sure they hang around to check out what else is happening on your domain.

Your 404 page should be free of advertising. This distracts users and provides a temptation to leave your website. Always bear in mind that the primary focus is to keep the visitor on your domain, not to tempt them to click into a different site.

A 404 page should also act as a link to other pages on the website such as the home page. This means the visitor to the website will be more inclined to stay on it. Instead of having to search for the home page themselves if the 404 error page has a direct link to the home page it becomes practical for them to be re-directed there.

The web page should be a static page composed of basic HTML. The use of simple code means that users are less likely to get bogged down by more errors. The page should also have a quick loading time. A 404 error page that takes an age to load frustrates visitors and encourages them to close their browser window and move on to a different page that won't make them wait. It is important to recognize the limited attention span of the modern computer user. Multi-tabbed or page to load up.