The Pro's Of Using A HTML Template

If you have taken the option to develop your website without the use of WordPress, but you don't want to code your website from scratch, there is an option that acts as a middle ground between having the product finished for you like WordPress does, and giving you the option to customize certain aspects of your website. This is a solid choice for people who have a basic understanding of computer coding. But they do not want to go through the arduous process of building a functional website from the bare bones. If you understand HTML terminology like tags, elements, paragraphs, doc type and attributes and CSS terms such as selectors, properties, values then you have a good starting point for downloading a template and attempting to tweak it to your particular needs.

Not everyone trusts WordPress. Sometimes the software has issues with updating that can take your website offline for a couple of hours or longer. This is detrimental if you are the owner of an online business because time spent offline means a loss of potential customers. If for whatever reason the idea of a WordPress website doesn't appeal to you, there are a couple of advantages you should take into consideration when deciding whether to go for a manual website design or use a HTML/CSS template that has been completed already.

The first and most obvious consideration is that a HTML/CSS template is faster. For many websites time is of the essence. You may have an idea in your head of an exact formate that you'd like your website to be designed in, but the truth of the matter is that this can take months. Choosing a template requires a compromise - it may mean a slight deviation from your ideal website. But this way you will be up and running within a matter of hours. It is a cliché, but that doesn't mean it isn't true when people say that "time is money". The quicker your website is online, the quicker you can make money from it.

Aesthetics. In the modern world, aesthetics are what draws people to websites. A first glance at a website without even knowing what sort of content it contains is the deciding factor between users choosing to browse further or leaving it for a competitors site. Website templates that have already been designed are made by professional web designers. It is their job to make custom templates. You can rest assured that the majority of templates have gone through a rigorous testing environment. You can also be safe in the knowledge that they look attractive and smooth.

Another advantage is that they give the ability to customize depending on your level of knowledge. If you are an intermediate or advanced HTML or CSS user you can buy a template that you think looks good but requires a few tweaks in the CSS code to fit your particular website. Beginner users to HTML/CSS can also use a pre-made template and fiddle around with minor alterations such as the font colour and the background while keeping the rest of the code as it is.

A solid demo of a template can be seen in this blue template designed by jonnyrap on the website The link is here The business blue template is ideal for a professional looking website and acts as a solid platform to sell your product or service online. There is also a php contact form and newsletter sign-up. These are pivotal for a business-oriented website that wants to generate market leads. The Blue Business template demo is a good example of what you can expect in a website template.