Why Should You Modernize Your Business With A Virtual Business Card?

With the advancement of technology, virtual business cards are increasing in popularity by the day. The typical idea of a business card has good intentions behind it, but the problem with paper cards is that they often get thrown away as soon as they are handed to users. Or they are put in the back pocket of a pair of trousers that need cleaning and they end up as a withered mess after being put through 2,000 revolutions of a washing machine. A virtual business card overcomes that problem through its very property of not being perishable. Virtual Business Cards are also beneficial to the environment by reducing paper wastage. This means no trees will be cut down and wasted on something that has a good chance of ending up in the bin. Also, online business cards offer a brilliant advantage in that they are customizable. With a paper card, if you are unhappy with it or want to change something, you have to go to the trouble of printing out a whole new set of cards. This adds a significant expense to your business operations. A virtual card can be changed with no hassle.

The fact that a number of businesses are moving to an online only selling platform means that the need for paper business cards is diminishing with each passing year. It makes sense for an e-business to spread the word through vCards as opposed to paper cards. Even among the people that may pay attention to a paper vCard, the percentage of them who will go online to check out an e-business website is miniscule.

Having a virtual card is also more convenient and time-efficient. The method of delivering them to prospects is as simple as sending a bulk e-mail or text message with a link to the card. This pretty much automates the entire process and ensures you waste less time physically handing out cards to people who may or may not become customers. As with all things online, automation is a key advantage. With a vCard you can put more focus into developing your product and website content than wasting valuable time designing and printing copies of new ones.

This leads on to another point - you will never run out of a virtual card. Once you have purchased or designed one, your supply is infinite. Also, a virtual business card can be shared to social networks. The likes of facebook, twitter and instagram are vital nowadays and a presence on all three websites will ensure any business gains an advantage over competitors who do not have an online presence. With paper cards, it is difficult to link to your social websites, but a vCard can be customized to link to every social networking platform available.

A stellar example of a virtual business card can be found at themeforest. The professional multicolor vCard is a fantastic business card with a simple design that shows of your product or service in a clear and concise manner. There are four different style available on the multicolor vCard, depending on your particular eye for style. The vCard features cross browser functionality. It works on chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It also includes a php contact form so that interested prospects can get in touch to make a purchase or find out more about the products you offer online and offline. The themeforest multicolor vCard also comes with a help file that guides users through how to use it. It can be purchased here for only $9 and it is the epitome of what a virtual business card can give you. http://themeforest.net/item/professional-multicolor-vcard/96829