Product Review - Transformer Theme HTML/CSS

The above link takes you to one of the best template HTML/CSS themes on the market. It is developed on the them website Themeforest by a user named tantan199. The theme is quality checked by the online web design platform Envado. It comes at a price of $70, which is a steal given the amount of features available on it. You also get access to six months of support from the developer who will debug any issues you encounter. Future updates to the theme are included so if the developer makes any alterations that improve the product, you will receive these free of charge.

This is a fantastic option if you are building a website but you do not want to take the WordPress route. It has been built with HTML5 and CSS3 ensuring it is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. It features a trendy white sidebar with multiple options for navigating through your website. It also includes a sticky mobile header embossed on the top of your webpage which makes your website stand out as distinctive and unique. There are unlimited colours to choose from besides the default white option on the transformer theme. It is also compatible with an impressive range of modern internet browsers including Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

The transformer theme is a pretashop theme. Pretasshop is an open source e-commerce solution for online businesses to create a virtual store. It is the market leader in its field, being used by over 250,000 stores online worldwide.

The transformer theme is designed wonderfully and features call to action buttons for adding items to carts or placing items on a favourite list for later viewing. It is fully customizable and gives users the chance to set the length of a product's name and show or hide the description. One also has the ability to customize whether the rating of each product is shown or hidden underneath it. There are a diverse range of stickers available that add a personalized touch to your online store. These include sold out stickers and sale stickers as well as price drop stickers that show how much the price has dropped and what percentage discount is available.

We have included the Pretashop transformers theme here because out of the multiple range of options for virtual store themes on ThemeForest, this one stands out as a leader in its field. The level of customization is extraordinary, and the interface is simply to navigate. This is everything you need in a virtual store. If you want to sell something online, consider buying this.