Picking An Appropriate WordPress Theme For A Business Purpose

So you have a WordPress website and you want to turn it into a business that entices users to buy whatever it is that you are selling. Whether you are trying to monetize a blog, or your website is designed with the sole aim of selling a product/service, choosing the correct WordPress theme is important. The real beauty of WordPress is that you can switch between themes so if one theme is not generating sales or leads, you have the option to either buy a new one or go for a free theme. Picking an appropriate theme for a business-oriented website is vital to stand out from competitors...

The first step to take is to decide whether you want a free or a premium theme. Premium themes are recommended for businesses because they are updated all the time and they also stand out more as opposed to free themes. One crucial advantage of premium themes is that they are less likely to cause your website to crash. Bugs are fixed promptly in premium themes, and any time offline for your website means lost business. No website = no sales. It is as simple as that. If you insist on a free theme, make sure to check out the first couple of pages of reviews to see if there are any issues with bugs.

Another important decision to make when choosing a theme for your website is what level of customization you desire. If you have the coding and web design knowledge then by all means download one of the themes that don't come with any pre-set styles. This requires a significant investment of time and good knowledge of CSS to get the aesthetics in line with your idea of how your website should look. The wiser option if you want to focus your efforts on selling rather than designing (which as a business makes most sense in practically all cases) is to choose a theme that is pre-loaded with everything you need.

Once you like the look of a theme, download one with a few simple color and layout options. If you do not know much CSS or coding and you have the budget to hire a web developer, it would make sense to get a framework-based theme. But most internet start-ups do not have access to this kind of money. The best advice is to browse for a nice looking theme with good reviews and a solid development team who work on bugs often. You should also make sure to check that any theme you apply to your WordPress website is responsive on an array of different devices. Load up your website on a smartphone, laptop and tablet. If there are issues with the layout on any of these devices, your theme is not appropriate and you need to choose a new one that runs smoothly on all devices. You want your product to be available to the entire marketplace, and a theme that works on all kinds of devices is pivotal.

A good example of a theme to use for your business is the Tiny Forge theme. It is not a premium theme, but it acts as an impressive example of what you should expect in a professional theme geared towards selling products. Tiny forge theme takes the best features of the basic WordPress and refines it so that it can be used for any business that wants to create a website that looks good and focuses on usability. The tiny theme is mobile-ready with an in-built HTML5 structure that ensure your website looks good on smartphones. This is vital in the modern era with more online businesses conducting sales through the mobile versions of their websites than the desktop versions. Tiny theme also includes the feature of being able to upload your customized header logo to display beside the website title and tagline. This is of paramount importance because a recognized logo equals more sales and an impression of reliability. If your business logo is one of the first things that website visitors see, you can rest assured knowing you are doing your best to maximize selling potential. Tiny Forge theme for WordPress can be downloaded at https://wordpress.org/themes/tiny-forge/ .